Tramway Turnouts

Socofer srl operates also in tramway turnouts environment.
The Company realizes turnouts with interchangeable elements and with a reservoir for the collection and disposal of extraneous materials (Brevet n. VE2003U000002).
The point switch can be realized of every length and radius of curvature, by using of a special profile that is born for realization of tramway turnouts moving parts.
In particular the switch blade flow in the zone of greater move, over some islands, to allow that possible extraneous materials fall in the box, that in this zone has a vain denominated "reservoir", without deposit on the slide plan and so without cause interference to the manoeuvre of the switch blade.
The reservoir zone is connected in the sewer net and fortified of a water plant for a fast washing.
Such shrewdnesses affect notably on the plan of the safety and of the normal maintenance.